Deer Processing

Skull Cap $10.00
Skinning $20.00
Caping $40.00
Processing up to 50 lbs $80.00
51 – 99 lbs $90.00
100 – 125 lbs $100.00
Over 125 lbs $110.00


Trim Only
Handling Fee $10.00
Processing/Grinding $.80/lb.
Beef Fat $.75/lb.

Any meat left here after 2 weeks of our phone call to you, an additional charge of $5 per month storage fee will be added until the meat is picked up.

Prices subject to change

Summer Sausage $2.75/lb.
Summer Sausage w/Cheese $3.75/lb.
Salami $2.75/lb.
Pepperoni $2.75/lb.
Deer Bacon $2.75/lb.
Deer Stix $3.25/lb.
Deer Stix w/Cheese $4.25/lb.
Deer Jerky $4.50/lb.
Hot Links $2.75/lb.
Hot Links w/Cheese $3.75/lb.
Chili Cheese Hot Links $3.75/lb.
Sausage $1.25/lb. Bulk
Sausage $1.75/lb. Rope
(Breakfast, German, Italian, Mexican)
Beef $1.75 lb.
Pork $2.75 lb.